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“Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.”

-Milton H. Erickson

Signs you may need counseling
  • Could you be experiencing constant worry or anxiety that affects your daily life?

  • Overwhelmed by sadness or feelings of hopelessness?

  • Negative self-talk and struggle with low self-esteem?

  • Traumatic events causing distress or flashbacks?

  • Avoiding social situations or withdrawing from activities?

  • Chronic stress impacting your relationships and work performance?

  • Trouble coping with major life changes or transitions?

  • Non-stop thoughts or struggles with past traumas?

  • Over-reliance on substances or unhealthy coping mechanisms?

  • Worsening physical health due to emotional distress?

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I was so grateful to receive services from Nick. He was able to isolate my problem and utilize his skills to eliminate the anxiety. It was amazing to be able to approach my tasks the next several days with a completely different feeling of calm and serenity. This has been a long lasting result and the effects of my therapy session with him have continued to help me in this area of my life!


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